Thursday, 2 April 2009

Pretty Creations

I thought I'd post some pictures from my collection and some from my Etsy shop today to show you what I've been up to but failed to blog, so that I could explain a little something about how they are made or what I like about them.
First of all my peg magnets. These are a favourite little project of mine. They can hold things in the peg and under the magnet because they are such strong little things, and they just look so cute!
These ones have a paisley and flowers kind of design, and are topped with diamond glaze to make them sparkle. I've also done a few other designs which you can check out in my shop

The next thing I wanted to show you was my Pretty Pin cushions. These are made from leftover material from projects so not only do they beautifying your sewing table, they are saving beautiful material from going in the bin!! I made the pins too which I should be posting onto Etsy soon in packs of 20 in little pin booklets which co-ordinate with the pin cushion! A very cute gift idea for any level of sewer!

These cute little things aren't up yet but should be up on very shortly. At the minute the shop is offline whilst I build up a bit of a stock. The larger mushroom is actually a baby rattle, it has a bell inside so it tinkles when shaken, the smaller one was the original and more of an experiment so it is less functional.

The flower was made from an old abandoned earring of my mothers, and some purple dress lining. I made a selection of them which are fitted with a pin at the back so you can wear them as a brooch. I really like these and they can be made up from remnants which means you always get a different one each time. The others are on my Etsy site and are made with buttons instead of an earring!

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