Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The final verdict...

Ok, so I started this blog to keep myself occupied and focussed whilst waiting for my future to be decided for me by what i thought would be a panel of pinstripe suits... However, it turns out the teaching department is full of human beings! not only that, but human beings who have decided I have the potential to become a Design Technology Teacher. 

WOOHOO! I'm in!!

My interview was bizarre, i was put with a loads of postgrade people applying for a different course to me... but it was quite good fun really, and interesting to hear about their life stories having never previously wanted to be teachers until 20 years down their previous career path. They will be those teachers whose life stories fascinate students, and i'll just be another teacher trainee fresh out of teaching college! Oh well... 

I didn't even have to wait for notice by mail or anything, my interviewer told me then and there that I was in! Which was very kind of him, I'd already spent enough time worrying that I wouldn't make the grade.

Now I really do have to start doing regular fun and crafty projects so that I can put together a portfolio!!

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