Thursday, 8 July 2010

Adventure is not always just bad planning...

... Sometimes it's just what you need.

Every now and then I like to go on city adventures, we live in an amazing city but occasionally when I've been so busy living in it I forget what it's actually like! 

So this week, on a lovely sunny day, we went on one of our explorations to try and go somewhere unfamiliar where we felt lost. We got lost alright, but look what we found...

...An unusually placed apple...

... A man buried up to his chest...

... And a sign to make everything better.

Our mini exploration was fun, especially this super slippery slope!

(Afterwards we saw a sign then said please don't slide on the slopes... woops! What do they expect if they construct a super steep slippery soft slope with a walkway up it??)

But as we sat on a bench watching other people slide down the slope, spot the sign and scamper away, we realised that what we REALLY wanted to do on such a lovely day was to spend some time in our garden.

We share our garden with 5 other flats, but no one else uses it except to hang up their laundry. It was a wilderness when we arrived and we have slowly tamed it over the past two years with help from a neighbour. So as a reward for our hard (maybe unappreciated?) work, we decided we were allowed to make one of the beds a little bigger and plant some vegetables in it, maybe our neighbours will be inspired to join in? I certainly hope so. 

First things first, I needed some new gloves...

... My old ones fell apart. So we set to work digging up the turf along the bed...

...putting my knot tying skills to the test by making a shelter for our spring onions...

...and finally relaxing with a glass of home made lemonade...

... yum!

Steve was inspired to mow the lawn so it looks really neat now. 
If only the mysterious vanishing builders would come and finish our wall then we could plant things out without worrying about having to leave enough room for them to trample over without destroying our plants!


I hope you're all enjoying the lovely sunny weather and having some mini adventures of your own, whether they are far away or even in your own back garden!


Monday, 5 July 2010

New Camera!

Ok, so for a long time we'd been thinking of getting a new camera. The last few cameras we've had were found and repaired or bought second hand from friends, so we've never really splashed out on a nice one. 

We knew a fair bit about photography but not enough for our liking so we bought this great book to help us figure out the more complicated aspects of it.

During a quick trip home my Dad gave me a couple of old SLR cameras that he doesn't use anymore. They were gifts so he didn't really want to get rid of them, but my parents are moving house and so rather than give away his cameras forever we are taking care of them until further notice!

Olympus 10

Zenith 11     

So we played around with these for a while, and our book came in very handy for understanding what everything does.

We looked around for about a month and read a lot of reviews (and I mean LOTS)... but eventually we settled on this one. It's probably not perfect, and probably not what a professional would go for, but for an entry level camera it's pretty good! So far we've not found anything wrong with it at all.

We haven't had much of a chance to play with it yet, but these are a couple of photos from our garden for you until I go out somewhere exciting and take some really nice ones!


Sunday, 4 July 2010

Summer Showers...

The weather is dark and gloomy outside today, so to make myself feel better about it I decided to look up lots of dark but beautiful things on Etsy.

See it's not so bad!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Busy Busy Busy....

DIY... Graduation... Work... Gardening... New Camera... Catching up with my Blog and Etsy (oops)... Friends... Family... Old Photos... New Cousin!...