Friday, 10 April 2009

Gumtree is the best thing in the world!

Today I did my usual Gumtree trawl for jobs and anything interesting in the community section, along with a quick "knitting" search to see what's around.

A *free* Brother Knitting Machine! I called up the person who owns it and I've arranged a pick up (an hours train ride away) so I can go and get it! I'll probably need to get it serviced as it's been unused for some time apparantly... Fortunately there is a shop called David Drummond in haymarket that does knitting machine servicing, the only place in scotland so it seems!

I know very little about machine knitting so this really will be an experience. I'll post pictures once I've seen it for myself!

I had it serviced, brilliant, because now it works but it set me back a fair sum! Now I have to master it and start making beautiful things for Pretty Porcini...

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