Saturday, 17 April 2010

Ellie the Elephant packed her trunk...

Today Ellie the Elephant is finished and will be sent to her new home, in the flat above mine to live with my neighbours!

This gorgeous elephant was made using this pattern with a few alterations on the ears and the addition of an adorable tail. I managed to make the whole elephant out of one ball of debbie bliss cashmerino (just 125m) so I now have enough to make a friend for Ellie!

I'm really pleased with this, it's just so cute! I want to adapt this pattern to make a cat, a dog, a piglet, a sheep, a cow, a monkey, a tiger, a hippo........ A whole ZOO!!

I definitely recommend this pattern, sometimes picking up the stitched isn't the easiest, but it's more than do-able =) 

I love this elephant! I will miss him sorely, but I'm sure my neighbours will let me visit him!



  1. So cute! I wish I could knit...

  2. Adorable! How did you do that lovely little tail?!

  3. Thanks Emma!

    I knit an i-cord somewhere roughly in the middle, and then when it was long enough I pulled the thread through the last stitch, trimmed it, and separated all the threads to make it look fluffy. I think it's my favourite bit! x