Thursday, 11 February 2010

Hard at work...

I have plenty to be getting on with for university of course... but my room is full of yarn that is simply begging me to put it to use. Being so selfless and all, I decided to put some it out of it's misery.

With some elbow grease (and a few sacrifices to the knitting gods) I'm hoping that this will eventually be a sweater vest for the workshops. They aren't the warmest of places but having long sleeved jumpers just means you get your lovely woollens covered in wood shavings and glue.

Swatches are no fun but I know it will be worth it, so this is the second one I've made and I like this layout much more than the first, which had only cables and no straight sections. The light isn't fantastic at 5pm on a first floor flat, so to clarify it's bright purple, Aran weight yarn from Robin I think.

I haven't decided yet whether it will be round neck or V-neck but I think the latter is probably more appropriate.

I have some more of this yarn in a dusty navy colour, which is slowly (very slowly at the minute) becoming a jumper for someone else. Unfortunately, it was supposed to be a christmas present and so has snowflakes on it... I've sort of missed christmas this time around, but at least if I hurry on and get it finished I'll be ahead for next year!


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