Tuesday, 16 March 2010

So much yarn, so little time...

I've had a lot to be getting on with recently (as you can see from all of those library books), but as ever the cries of a neglected yarn stash are hard to ignore. 

So I stole myself away when everyone else was out of the flat and secretly started a jumper I have longed to start for some time...

I've decided to do a mixture of patterns and inspirations (as always, which is probably why nothing seems to work out the first time around!) so I'm using Glarna for the yoke, and possibly Vormorgan for the shape but i haven't decided yet. Finally, instead of using separate colours to create the colourwork, I am using rowan colourscape to create the colour changes.

Here is a closer photo so you can see it better...

The colourscape is pure lambswool and can be felted, but the cream yarn (sirdar denim) is machine washable. So to make life easy for myself, I decided I would preshrink the lambswool as an experiment before I knit it all up. I haven't preshrunk yarn before so i did a quick rummage around the internet and came up with a method:

Wash your skein in hot soapy water, then rinse in hot water, dunk in cold water, hang it up to dry, wind it into a ball!

Easy, and very fun. I went a bit crazy during the drying process and hung weights from it and flung it around in the garden and all kinds of strange manoeuvres due to various recommendations from the myriad of yarn loving folk on the internet. It must have looked quite strange to all my neighbours but nevermind!

I can't wait to get cracking on this at last! Just a few more essays to write and then I'm free...


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  1. I always seem to have an essay or two to write when I want to crochet. Such a pain, but worth it I guess. I am really enjoying your blog. That DNA scarf is so cute.